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  Hey there, Kat Ourlian here. HIFI Analog Specialist by day, Recording engineer and Musician by night. CURRENTLY, I am based out of Los Angeles, California, but spend a lot of time working on the East Coast.

 Ever since I learned to play the violin at the age of 3, music has a been a profound and defining influence on my life. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (Motown baby!), as a classically trained musician. I grew up performing with numerous orchestras and musicians around the area. This gave me my musical confidence and ingenuity as I grew to become a multi-instrumentalist and professional recording engineer. 

Basically, I LOVE to jam and make records!!!


  I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, graduated with an Associate of Recording Arts from Madison Media Institute (Technology) and eventually moved to New York City where I truly began my career. I started as a wee-lass Tape Op assistant at Mighty Toad Studios, Brooklyn. Once I stirred up the boroughs with my ambition to twist knobs and push faders, I soon began working as a full-time engineer at Lofish Productions.

  As if one studio wasn't enough, I became a regular engineer/producer  with studios such as WhiteWater Music, Shelter Island Studios, Greene Street Music and sometimes even a part-time recall assistant at Jungle City Studios.

  I have worked with artists and clients in a range of fields, from comedians Craig Robinson and Sinbad, to jazz trumpeter Matt Jodrell and Broadway producer Michael Cooper and Anton Dudley. Other musical artists I’ve worked with include Hannah Gill (After Hours) Mister Chase,  Zak Smith (Zak Smith Band), Brad Hammonds (Brass Against the Machine), violinist Zack Brock (Snarky Puppy, Zack Brock Project), and keyboardist Henry Hey (Snarky Puppy, David Bowie, Empire of the Sun, Rod Stewart, George Michael). I’ve also collaborated with awesome producers such as Twilite Tone, John White of Whitewater Music, Kufreh Basse and Lawrence Qualls.


  I often produce and record for corporate and voice clients, such as Diversity Education eLearning for Academic Professionals. I am currently the Producer of a Formula 1 Podcast, Grid Penalty.


  Ok...enough recording talk, let's dig into HIFI Audio. You may recognize some of my work with high-end audiophile turntables, amplifiers and acoustic design. From turntable calibration to product development  and system design, you can also find me working out of La Verne, California, with a company called Upscale Audio 


Whether you’re looking for an empathetic and musically adept engineer for your new album  OR if  you are in need of a HIFI consultation - I promise to be as brutally honest about how crap some equipment can be - CONTACT ME!! 

We will at least have fun with the process.

After Hours Session at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn NYC


Sinbad Live - Comedy Works South, Denver, CO

Craig Robinson Live - Comedy Works South, Denver CO 

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